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Welcome to Wiekuisty.pl a site designed for introducing Non-Profit Peaceful Project "Point On PEACE" built In Memory Of Saint John Paul Second let give smile to anyone who has a blood, because St. Karol Say it is difficult to someone who have this blood - Vatican, Roma.

PEACE Situation

Building Positive Peace is the Key to Sustaining Peace The latest research from the Institute for Economics and Peace demonstrates that building up Positive Peace can be the preventative tool for the Sustaining Peace Agenda.

The human reality of what it means to sustain peace carries no price tag. But nonetheless, the global economic impact of violence reached $14.3 trillion PPP in 2016, and the cost of armed conflict alone was over a trillion dollars. Yet early analysis suggests that every single dollar invested in peacebuilding reduces the cost of armed conflict by $16. And the activities that constitute "peacebuilding" are easily realised proactively as well as reactively.
Vision of Humanity



I want to Set up Peaceful Non-Profit Fundation This Website Is Introduction

Targets is all the samme as 17 GOALS TO TRANSFORM OUR WORLD from United Nations on --> this link <-- Our Web Site Wiekuisty.pl planing to take care of Climate, Level of Suffers for Sickness, Donation Frendly Work Places, Mood as Menthal Health, Resolving Goals in to Politics Conflicts, Stop Terrorists Conflicts and Religions War, Taking to Responsibility for Country EU Budgets Damage, Better Look and Fit People From Changes On Peaceful Actions of People and Our Work

Private I Want to Run "Campain Of Public Awareness" in Sections which have big attention on anti PEACE Motivations What Ruins My Plans of Global Integral Trust to build Strong World Nations.



Project seems to Be easy and give a lot of Profit let see what is done so fare and what will Be done..

We gone to work Volontuery in Place where everybody will can express his problems and get respond with help and this will be a Internet Center which will have Life Setwork® with Chat or Personal Profil, next is Independent Anonymus Point of Forum® , and Now the very helpful Plus 48 ON® Will have Phone Number for help in English and Polish Language whole Centrum will Be Multi Language over 40 Languages. Center will be using Private and Gavernment Sources for resolving problem but any body will find help and happy place who is to resolve problem in Work or Life either Law with Human Rights or How to Do Offices Problems.
Basicly main thing is to build a community who help the others and have elite email account with domain name@wiekuisty.com in electronic Envelope® which is highly respected on Universe for given help others Friendly Users. What is interesting that Fundation will have applications on Mobile Phones Giving All Informations about the Center for Android and for Windows.

Whole Projects will be going on from Donations and Sponsors Who Are More Than Welcome To The Friendly Cooperation What Will Be Groving and Full Operated Until 2020 From Self Budget But With Yours Help It Can Be Done Professionally In Short Time Of Configuration at this stage of Negociation.

I want to Give Many Thanks to the Lady of Our PEACE in Backgrouunds Pictures as Icon of Peace tougheter with electronic Envelope ® © on Sites and to Cosmonaut for the Cable TV ---> PEXELS.COM

Also For My Friendly Hosting Provider Nur-Tech.net From Ireland and Offers Spot On Prices as Well Free Unlimited Hosting and FABOLOUS ADMIN CARE!

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